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At AMV we take care of the maintenance of our customers' facilities. Our goal is to achieve the highest performance of the warehouses and minimize to practically zero the periods of unplanned downtime.

For this purpose, and together with our clients, we design and implement a specific and adequate maintenance plan for each installation, reaching the level that the client desires:

  • We go and perform maintenance on demand..
  • We design and take care of the necessary maintenance so that our client can forget about the timing of each task.
  • We have our own On-Site staff to carry out the necessary work. All this is done in constant communication with the customer so that we get their total peace of mind knowing that we are committed to providing an excellent and efficient service.


The purpose of preventive maintenance is to minimize the frequency of failures during the operation of an installation and to guarantee the level of availability of the automatic warehouse.

To achieve this goal AMV plans defined actions in all the devices of the installation in determined timeframes or according to particular criteria for each one of them.

In this maintenance we include detailed reports of the elements of the installation and the necessary corrective actions in the defined scope of action:

  • Electromechanical systems
  • Control software
  • Management software


Corrective maintenance is the work aimed at correcting equipment failures that make the system depend on its smooth operation.

These maintenance practices do not depend on maintenance plans since they are failures caused by random variables.

Corrective maintenance can end up having a high financial impact on automated platforms due to the downtime that may result from an element or system failure. However, a significant percentage of these failures can be avoided if proper preventive maintenance plans are implemented.

In the event of an incident, AMV’s technical assistance service is available 365 days ‘non-stop’, with the mission of immediately diagnosing and solving the issue, either remotely or in person.